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Attendant Care

Is giving the client full care including all meals, snacks, possible administering of medication’s and personal hygiene. Constant Care of this client will be expected.



Is a ONE-ON-ONE service and/or similar skill levels and age level clients where you will work with behaviors and performance of tasks and teaching lifestyle skills


Respite Care

Is giving the primary care giver a break from providing care. You will be responsible for total care that may include meals, personal care, entertaining, and general good health of client


Housekeeping and Individually designed living arrangements

Housekeeping and Individually designed living arrangements (IDLA) are perfect for people looking for customized living options beyond the group home model. The person with a disability lives in their own home or apartment, either by themselves or with one or two roommates. Staffing is customized based on the needs of the residents in accordance with the Individual Service Plan (ISP). Our goal is to support the client’s choices and values and to offer guidance and resources so they can live as independently as possible. Some of the areas of support could include: transportation, assistance with menus, shopping, and cooking, household care, leisure and community activities, emotional and health support, personal budgeting and banking, and much more.